Real life 17 Day Diet Success Stories:

"I have always been an emotional eater, and I have struggled with weight. After being on the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by bistroMD for three months, I lost a staggering 83 pounds, and I feel fantastic!"

- Brad Fischer

"I love the food at bistroMD, why, because it is very good, very satisfying, and helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle which is very important to me. BistroMD is the number one plan for me!"

- Rene Napoli

"BistroMD is the perfect way to lose weight. Because of the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by bistroMD I have more energy, feel great, and enjoy my new body weight. The jeans I used to wear are now way too big."

- Percy A. Smith

"As a single mom, the hardest thing is knowing what to eat and then finding the time to make it."

- Heather Justice

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